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1viewb-lipoprotein /low density lipoprotein
(No = TLP1001)
2viewa- lipoprotein /high density lipoprotein
(No = TLP1201)
3viewpre b lipoprotein /very low density lipoprotein
(No = TLP1301)
4viewChylomicrons /Chylomicrons
(No = TLP1401)
5view /remnant like particles
(No = TLP2001)
6view /lipoprotein (a)
(No = TLP3001)
7view /apolipoprotein A-I
(No = TLP4101)
8view /apolipoprotein A-II
(No = TLP4201)
9view /apolipoprotein B
(No = TLP4301)
10view /apolipoprotein C-II
(No = TLP4401)
11view /apolipoprotein C-III
(No = TLP4501)
12view /apolipoprotein E
(No = TLP4601)

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