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1viewCandelilla wax /Candelilla wax
(No = WWA1101)
2viewCarnauba wax/Carnauba wax
(No = WWA1201)
3viewRice wax/Rice Bran wax /Rice wax
(No = WWA1301)
4viewJojoba oil /Jojoba oil
(No = WWA1401)
5viewJapan wax/Japan wax
(No = WWA1501)
6viewBees wax /Bees wax
(No = WWA2101)
7viewAnhydrous Lanolin/Lanolin/Wool Fat /Anhydrous Lanolin
(No = WWA2201)
8viewSpermaceti /Spermaceti
(No = WWA2301)
9viewOrange Roughy oil /Orange Roughy oil
(No = WWA2401)
10viewCeresin/Purified Ozokerite /Ceresin
(No = WWA3101)
11viewParaffin /Paraffin
(No = WWA4101)
12viewMicrocrystalline wax /Microcrystalline wax
(No = WWA4201)
13viewPetrolatum/Vaseline /Petrolatum
(No = WWA4301)
14viewPolyethylene wax /Polyethylene wax
(No = WWA5101)

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