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Bile acid

DATA No : BBA0063 INFORMANT : Takashi Iida

NAME : 1b,3a,12a-Trihydroxy-5b-cholan-24-oic Acid

FORMULA: C24H40O5 MOL.WT (average) : 408.571

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MELTING POINT:262-264degC, (Me ester-12-acetate; mp, 203-205degC)(Ref. 0016)



OPTICAL ROTATION:[a]d-22: +64.4deg (C=0.378, CHCl3) (Me ester-12-acetate)(Ref. 0016)



IR SPECTRA:nmax cm-1: 3400, 3300, 1705(Ref. 0016)

NMR SPECTRA:1H-NMR (Pyridine-d5) d: 18-Me 0.75(s), 19-Me 1.34(s), 1a- and 12b-H 4.10-4.36(m), 3b-H 4.58-4.96(m)(Ref. 0016)
Me ester 1H-NMR (CDCl3; 100MHz ) d: 18-Me 0.68(s), 19-Me 1.04(s), COOMe 3.65(s), 12b-H 3.87(m), 1a-H 3.94(m), 3b-H 4.08(brm)(Ref. 0004/0136)

MASS SPECTRA:Me-TMS ether (70eV) m/z: 623(M-15), 548(M-TMSOH, 12%), 368(M-3TMSOH, 18%), 253(M-3TMSOH-SC, 6%), 217 (100%)(Ref. 0016/0136)


A hepatic hydroxylation product of deoxycholic acid in sheep.(Ref. 0102)
A microbial transformation product of deoxycholic acid by Penicillium species ATCC 12556.(Ref. 0136)
Identified in serum, faeces, liver tissues and urine from healthy adults and patients with liver cirrhosis.(Ref. 0145/0149/0176/0189/0200)
A hydroxyation metabolite of deoxycholic acid in urine of a patient with intrahepatic cholestasis.(Ref. 0153)
Bile acid of the human fetus in early gestation.(Ref. 0156)
Identified in serum and urine of patients with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy.(Ref. 0188)
Identified in biliary bile of patients with cystic fibrosis.(Ref. 0191/0198)
Identified in amniotic fluid in early gestation.(Ref. 0192)
Excreted in urine of healthy newborn.(Ref. 0194)
Identified in human umbilical cord blood and amniotic fluid from newborns and in sera and urine from adult patients with cholestatic liver diseases.(Ref. 0199)
Identified in urine, bile, portal and peripheral venous sera, and liver specimens from subjects with liver diseases (cholestasis, liver cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, acute hepatitis).(Ref. 0201)
Excreted in urine of healthy premature and full-term infants.(Ref. 0202)




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