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Bile acid

DATA No : BBA0092 INFORMANT : Takashi Iida

NAME : 3a,7a,12a-Trihydroxy-5a-cholan-24-oic Acid

COMMON NAME: Allocholic Acid
FORMULA: C24H40O5 MOL.WT (average) : 408.571

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MELTING POINT:254-257degC, (Me ester; mp, 228-230degC)(Ref. 0024/0237)



OPTICAL ROTATION:[a]d-25: +27.8pm0.1deg (C=0.75, MeOH)(Ref. 0038/0237)
[a]d-25: +26.7deg (C=0.84, MeOH) (Me ester)(Ref. 0001/0237)



IR SPECTRA:nmax cm-1: 1709 (C=O), 3400, 1031, 1011 (OH)(Ref. 0024)

NMR SPECTRA:1H-NMR (CDCl3+20%DMSO-d6) d: 18-Me 0.66(s), 19-Me 0.74(s), 21-Me 0.98(d), 7b-H 3.71(m), 12b-H 3.86(m), 3b-H 3.95(m)(Ref. 0024)
Me ester 1H-NMR (CDCl3; 90MHz) d: 18-Me 0.68(s), 19-Me 0.77(s), 21-Me 0.98(d), COOMe 3.66(s), 7b-H 3.83(m), 12b-H 3.95(m), 3b-H 4.05(m)(Ref. 0008/0024)
>Me ester 13C-NMR (CDCl3; 22.53MHz) d: C-1 31.9, C-2 28.8, C-3 66.3, C-4 35.5, C-5 31.5, C-6 36.3, C-7 67.9, C-8 39.8, C-9 39.2, C-10 35.8, C-11 28.1, C-12 72.8, C-13 46.4, C-14 42.1, C-15 23.0, C-16 27.3, C-17 47.1, C-18 12.5, C-19 9.9, C-20 35.1, C-21 17.3, C-22 31.0, C-23 30.9, C-24 174.6, C-25 51.3(Ref. 0011)

MASS SPECTRA:Me ester (70eV) m/z: 404(M-H2O, 1%), 386(M-2H2O, 69%), 371(M-2H2O-CH3, 8%), 289(M-H2O-SC, 15%), 271(M-2H2O-SC, 100%), 253(M-3H2O-SC, 19%)(Ref. 0012/0024/0033)
The spectrum (70eV) was shown as the Me-TMS derivative(Ref. 0007)


Isolated from many animal sources such as fishes, birds, penguins, sturgeons, and mammals.(Ref. 0001/0085/0101)
Identified in lizards, snakes, birds, and rabbits.(Ref. 0100)
Identified in urine, feces, and meconium of healthy humans and patients with liver diseases.(Ref. 0145/0148/0150/0151/0162)
Identified in gastric contents from neonates with high intestinal obstruction.(Ref. 0155)
Isolated from the leopard seal, Hydrurga leptonyx, and the California sealion, Zalophus californianus.(Ref. 0168)
Detected in the bile of germ-free domestic fowl.(Ref. 0169)
A metabolite of 5a-cholestan-3b-ol in the rat.(Ref. 0177)
Isolated from bile of patients with cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis.(Ref. 0178)
Identified in biliary bile of patients with cystic fibrosis.(Ref. 0191)
Excreted in urine of healthy premature and full-term infants.(Ref. 0202)
Constituent of a urinary bile acid in late pregnancy and in recurrent cholestasis of pregnancy.(Ref. 0206)
Identified in urine of infants during the first year.(Ref. 0210)
A biotransformation product of 7a-hydroxycholesterol in the hen.(Ref. 0214)




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