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Bile acid

DATA No : BBA0118 INFORMANT : Takashi Iida

NAME : 3a,6a,7a,12a-Tetrahydroxy-5b-cholan-24-oic Acid

FORMULA: C24H40O6 MOL.WT (average) : 424.571

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MELTING POINT:158-161degC(Ref. 0034)



OPTICAL ROTATION:[a]d-26: +23.3deg (C=0.47, MeOH)(Ref. 0181)



IR SPECTRA:nmaxcm-1: 1710(C=O), 3419, 1040 (OH)(Ref. 0034)

NMR SPECTRA:1H-NMR (CDCl3+20%DMSO-d6; 90MHz) d: 18-Me 0.67(s), 19-Me 0.88(s), 21-Me 0.99(d), 3b-H 3.42(brm), 6b-H 3.77(brm), 7b-H 3.77(m), 12b-H 3.91(m)(Ref. 0034)
Me ester 1H-NMR (CDCl3; 400MHz) d: 18-Me 0.67(s), 19-Me 0.89(s), 21-Me 0.98(d), 3b-H 3.41(brm), COOMe 3.66(s), 6b-H 3.81(m), 7b-H 3.85(m), 12b-H 3.96(m)(Ref. 0034/0035)
Me ester 13C-NMR (CDCl3; 125.65MHz) d: C-1 35.64, C-2 29.86, C-3 71.70, C-4 32.22, C-5 47.79, C-6 69.99, C-7 72.04, C-8 38.62, C-9 26.22, C-10 35.71, C-11 28.16, C-12 72.98, C-13 46.56, C-14 41.61, C-15 23.20, C-16 27.57, C-17 47.03, C-18 12.49, C-19 22.78, C-20 35.38, C-21 17.33, C-22 30.95, C-23 31.15, C-24 174.92, C-25 51.58(Ref. 0034/0035/0141)

MASS SPECTRA:Me ester (70eV) m/z: 438(M+, 1%), 420(M-H2O, 3%), 402(M-2H2O, 25%), 384(M-3H2O, 52%), 366(M-4H2O, 10%), 305(M-H2O-SC, 35%), 287(M-2H2O-SC, 31%), 269(M-3H2O-SC, 70%), 251(M-4H2O-SC, 24%)(Ref. 0034)
The spectrum (70eV) was shown as the Me-TMS derivative(Ref. 0007)


Identified in amniotic fluid, serum, faeces, and urine from adult patients with cholestatic liver disease.(Ref. 0061/0141/0163/0176/0200)
A hydroxyation metabolite of cholic acid in urine of a patient with intrahepatic cholestasis.(Ref. 0153)
Identified in gastric contents from neonates with high intestinal obstruction.(Ref. 0155)
Identified in human meconium and neonatal urine.(Ref. 0181)
Identified in serum and urine of patients with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy.(Ref. 0188)
Fetal bile acid identified in a dried blood disc, meconium and urine.(Ref. 0190)
Identified in amniotic fluid in early gestation.(Ref. 0192)
Identified in urine, bile, portal and peripheral renous sera, and liver specimens from subjects with liver diseases (cholestasis, liver cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, acute hepatitis).(Ref. 0201)
Excreted in urine of healthy premature and full-term infants.(Ref. 0202)
Identified in urine of infants during the first year.(Ref. 0210)
Identified in urine of newborns.(Ref. 0245)




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