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Bile acid

DATA No : BBA0396 INFORMANT : Mizuho Une

NAME : 3a,7a,12a-Trihydroxy-5b-cholestan-26-oic acid

FORMULA: C27H46O5 MOL.WT (average) : 450.651

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MELTING POINT:25D:180-182(Ref. 0433),183-184(Ref. 0412), 25L:195-196(Ref. 0432),195-196(Ref. 0433),199-201(Ref. 0412)



OPTICAL ROTATION:25D:[a]D=+28,25L:[a]D=+44(Ref. 0412)
25D:[a]D=+27,25L:[a]D=+43(Ref. 0433)





MASS SPECTRA:m/z 680,665,590,500,410,343,303,281,253 (as methyl ester-TMS ether derivative) (Ref. 0392)


Bile from Alligator mississippiensis(Ref. 0316/0400/0436), Caiman crocodilus(Ref. 0436), Crocodilus niloticus(Ref. 0436/0437), Caiman sclerops(Ref. 0438),Caiman latirostris(Ref. 0439).Bile from Varanus monitor(Ref. 0406)Bile from Xenopus mulleri(Ref. 0309), Bufo bufo vulgaris(Ref. 0309), Bufo maculatus(Ref. 0309), Bufo marinus(Ref. 0309), Bufo regularis(Ref. 0309), Aubria subsigillata(Ref. 0309), Dicroglossus occipitalis(Ref. 0309),Xenopus laevis(Ref. 0340),Bombina orientalis(Ref. 0340), Rana brevipoda(Ref. 0340), Rana limnocharis limnocharis(Ref. 0340), Bufo vulgaris formosus(Ref. 0392), Rana plancyi(Ref. 0330), Rana tigrina rugulosa(Ref. 0330), Rana nigromaculata(Ref. 0440), Rana catesbeiana(Ref. 0333/0434/0435)Zellweger syndrome : urine(Ref. 0399/0403/0404/0419/0421/0423/0425), serum(Ref. 0403/0420/0422/0423/0426), bile(Ref. 0403/0420/0423)Infantile Refsum disease:serum(Ref. 0424/0426)Duodenal fluid from intrahepatic bile duct anomalies(Ref. 0417/0418)Gastric contents from patients with intestinal obstraction(Ref. 0413)Human bile(Ref. 0408/0442)Kite bile(Ref. 0429), baboon bile(Ref. 0443)
(Ref. 0412/0432/0433/0467)



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