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Long chain base and Ceramide

DATA No : DLB0019 INFORMANT : Akira Hayashi

NAME : 4-Sphingenine / D-Erytjro-1,3-dihydroxy-2-amino-trans-4-octadecene , 2S, 3R, 4E-form (Ref. 0032/0034)

COMMON NAME: Sphingosine
SYMBOL: d18:1 (4)
FORMULA: C18H37O2N1 MOL.WT (average) : 299.492

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Inhibitor for protein kinase C (Ref. 0036/0037/0038); Inhibition of protein kinase C, sec-kinase, calmodulin-dependent enzymes, insulin receptor tyrosine kinase, CTP:phosphocholine cytidyltransferase, phosphatidic acid phosphohydrase, 150 kDa diacylglycerol kinase, and thyrotropin-releasing hormone binding (Ref. 5017); Inhibition of RNA primase (Ref. 5018) ; Inhibition of monoacylglycerol acyltransferase (Ref. 0519); Activation of casein kinase, EGF-receptor tyrosine kinase, phospholipase D, and 80 kDa
MELTING POINT:80-84deg/79-81deg; 82.5-83degC (Ref. 5012)



OPTICAL ROTATION:[a]D =+3.25deg (Ref. 5012)


SOLUBILITY:Insol. in water. Soluble in CHCl3, EtOH and MeOH (Ref. 5012)

IR SPECTRA:trans double bond (980cm-1, 10.3nm)

NMR SPECTRA:1H-NMR (Ref. 0260)/ 220MHz-1H-NMR (Ref. 0262)

MASS SPECTRA:EI/MS of N-acetyl-O-TMS derivative (Ref. 0002/0014)


Sphingomyelin of human plasma (Ref. 0014); Sphingoglycolipids from Ostrea gigas (Ref. 0002); Ceramide aminoethylphosphonate from Ostrea gigas (adductor muscle 4.7%, gills 25.3%, mantle 23.0%, viscera 17.9%) (Ref. 0008); Sphingophosphonolipids obtained from eight kinds of shellfish (10.2-41.5%) (Ref. 0006); Aminoalkylphosphonyl cerebroside from Turbo cornutus (muscle part 14.6% (Ref. 0007), visceral part 18.0% (Ref. 0008) ); N-Methylaminoethylphosphonyl trigalactosyl ceramide from Turbo cornutus (Ref. 0009); Five kinds of sphingoglycolipids obtained from Turbo cornutus (26.6-43.5%) (Ref. 0010); Five kinds of Gala-6 series glycolipids from Chlorostoma argyrostoma turbinatum (16.6-30.6%) (Ref. 0011); Barnea dilatata japonica (cerebroside 11.5%, ceramide aminoethylphosphonate 13.5%) (Ref. 0031); Ubiquitous in eukaryotes, limited types of prokaryotes (Ref. 5001)
(Ref. 5024/5025/5026)
Sphingosine is not a direct precursor for ceramide synthesis in the de novo synthetic pathway, although exogenous sphingosine is converted to ceramide probably by the same enzyme as dihydrosphingosine-N-acyltransferase in cells. Thus, cellular sphingosine is mainly produced by hydrolysis of ceramide. Sphingosine is converted to Sphingossine-7-phosphate in the degradation pathway. (Ref. 5002)
Sphingosine kinase (yeast and mouse) (Ref. 5014/5015); Acid ceramidase (mouse and human) (Ref. 5022/5023)

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