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DATA No : GSG0069 INFORMANT : Ineo Ishizuka

NAME : Galactosylceramide 3-sulfate

COMMON NAME: Galactosyl sulfatide
FORMULA: MOL.WT (average) :

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Review (Ref. 0208). Inhibition of the arylsulfatase A activity (Ref. 0003/0006/0010/0011/0012/0013/0016/0047/0048/0054). Myelin components (Ref. 0016/0023). Interaction with GM2 activator protein (Ref. 0238). Stimulation of the evolution of oxygen radicals in polymorphonuclear leukocytes (Ref. 0024). Cannot be hydrolyzed by glucosulfatase (Ref. 0015). Mouse monoclonal antibodies (Ref. 0043/0050). Regulation of sulfotransferase activity (Ref. 0240).





SOLUBILITY:Behavior in the Folch partition (Ref. 0027). Precipitates from hot methanol (Ref. 0004).

IR SPECTRA:820cm-1 (Ref. 0001/0029/0031).

NMR SPECTRA:H-C COSY spectrum of sulfatide (Ref. 1498)
[Spectrum 0001](I.Ishizuka)
DQF COSY spectrum of sulfatide
[Spectrum 0002](I.Ishizuka)

MASS SPECTRA:EI-MS (Ref. 0033), SI-MS (Ref. 0036).TLC-blotting/negative-ion LSIMS of galactosyl sulfatide
[Spectrum 0003](I.Ishizuka)

OTHER SPECTRA:Absorption of the complex with Azure A the abssorption of the acetates of sulfoglycolipids with Azure A (Ref. 0027).

2D TLC of male
[Chromatogram 0001]and female
[Chromatogram 0002] wild type and CGK-KO mice(I.Ishizuka).
DEAE Sephadex column chromatography of female wild type and CGK-KO mice
[Chromatogram 0003](I.Ishizuka).
Review (Ref. 0208). Bull frog and axolotl (Ref. 0237); Human brain (Ref. 0002/0001); the white and gray matter of the human brain (Ref. 0009); rabbit brain, white matter (Ref. 0057). Rat brain (Ref. 0017/0020), effect of chronic treatment with diazepam (Ref. 0055), regional distribution (Ref. 0020). Human kidney (aged, 0.39; middle age, 0.40; juvenile, 0.48mg/g dry tissue (Ref. 0004). Porcine pancreas (Ref. 0031), rabbit stomach (antrum, pylorus), duodenum jejunum (Ref. 0053). Brain (review) (Ref. 0016). C6 glioma derived from rat brain (Ref. 0032), cod brain (Ref. 0021). Mouse (C57BL) kidney (Ref. 0230), brain, liver, kidney (Ref. 0231).



The fatty acid composition, human kidney:22:0, 23:0, 24:0, 24:1, h24:0, h23:0, h24:1 (Ref. 0004)
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