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Mycolic acid

DATA No : MMA0004 INFORMANT : Nagatoshi Fujiwara

NAME : 2-Eicosanoyl,3-hydroxy-dicyclopropanoyl-C54:0 acid

COMMON NAME: Dicyclopropanoyl-a-mycolic acid
SYMBOL: C52-diD(b-unit)+C22:0(a-unit)
FORMULA: C74H144O3 MOL.WT (average) : 1081.933

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CD1b-restricted antigen(Ref. 0029)
Inhibition of the biosynthesis of mycolic acid by isoniazid(Ref. 0059/0060)
(As mycoloyl glycolipid)
Granuloma forming activity(Ref. 0031/0032)
Toxicity(Ref. 0030/0033)
Immunomodifying activities(Ref. 0030)
Antitumor activity(Ref. 0037/0039)
Adjuvanticity(Ref. 0041/0042)
Tumor-necrosis-factor-priming activity(Ref. 0043)
In vivo induction of apoptosis in the thymus(Ref. 0040)
Activation of protein kinase C(Ref. 0043)
Antigenic properties(Ref. 0052/0053/0054)
Production of anti-cord factor antibody(Ref. 0045)
Increase of anti-cord factor IgG antibody in tuberculous patient(Ref. 0046/0047/0051/0055)








MASS SPECTRA:[M]+(molecular Ion),[M-15]+(loss of -CH3),[M-90]+(loss of trimethylsilanol),[A]+(TMS-alkoxy ion resulting from C2-C3 cleavage),[A-90]+(loss of trimethylsilanol from [A]+),[B]+(TMS-oxymethylene carboxylic acid ester resulting from C3-C4 cleavage),[B-29]+(loss of CHO from [B]+) (Ref. 0001/0004/0005)

Thin-layer chromatogram of mycolic acid methyl esters,Chromatogram was developed with a solvent of n-hexane-diethyl ether(4:1, v/v) and visualized with charring after being sprayed with 50% H2SO4
[Chromatograms 0001/0002]
Mycobacterium vaccae(VA-1) (Ref. 0001/0004/0005)
Mycobacterium parafortuitum(19686) (Ref. 0001/0004/0005)
Mycobacterium diernhoferi(MD-1) (Ref. 0001/0004/0005)
Mycobacterium phlei (Ref. 0005)
Mycobacterium rhodesiae(RHO-1) (Ref. 0001/0004/0005)
Mycobacterium aurum(Ref. 0004/0005)
Mycobacterium kansasii (Ref. 0001)

[Table 0001]
[Table 0002]



DiD mycolic acids were existed in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.(Ref. 0011)
a-unit, C24:0,C26:0; carbon chain length, L=17,18,19, M=10, N=15,17,19,21(Ref. 0016)
a-unit, C26:0; carbon chain length C84(Ref. 0005)
DiD mycolic acids were existed in Mycobacterium microti.
a-unit, C26:0; carbon chain length, L+M+N=42,44,46,48,50,52(Ref. 0008)
DiD mycolic acids (C80H156O3) were existed in Mycobacterium kansaii.(Ref. 0017)
DiD mycolic acids were existed in Mycobacterium diernhoferi.
a-unit, C22:0; carbon chain length C70(Ref. 0001),C71(Ref. 0004)
It is reported that Mycobacterium phlei has mycolic acids with carbon chain length with C72,74,76,77,78,79,80 as diene(Ref. 0014), with C70,72,74,76,77,78,80 as diene(Ref. 0010)
Increasing growth temperature resulted in an increase in longer chain species of mycolic acids with a concomitant decrease in shorter chain homologoues.(Ref. 0010/0014)
AUTHOR:Kaneda, K., Imaizumi, S., and Yano, I.
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