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Mycolic acid

DATA No : MMA0013 INFORMANT : Nagatoshi Fujiwara

NAME : 2-Docosanoyl,3-hydroxy-dicyclopropanoyl-C52:0 acid

COMMON NAME: Dicyclopropanoyl-a-mycolic acid
SYMBOL: C50-diD(b-unit)+C24:0(a-unit)
FORMULA: C74H144O3 MOL.WT (average) : 1081.933

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CD1b-restricted antigen(Ref. 0029)
Inhibition of the biosynthesis of mycolic acid by isoniazid(Ref. 0059/0060)
(As mycoloyl glycolipid)
Granuloma forming activity(Ref. 0031/0032)
Toxicity(Ref. 0030/0033)
Immunomodifying activities(Ref. 0030)
Antitumor activity(Ref. 0037/0039)
Adjuvanticity(Ref. 0041/0042)
Tumor-necrosis-factor-priming activity(Ref. 0043)
In vivo induction of apoptosis in the thymus(Ref. 0040)
Activation of protein kinase C(Ref. 0043)
Antigenic properties(Ref. 0052/0053/0054)
Production of anti-cord factor antibody(Ref. 0045)
Increase of anti-cord factor IgG antibody in tuberculous patient(Ref. 0046/0047/0051/0055)








MASS SPECTRA:[M]+(molecular Ion),[M-15]+(loss of -CH3),[M-90]+(loss of trimethylsilanol),[A]+(TMS-alkoxy ion resulting from C2-C3 cleavage),[A-90]+(loss of trimethylsilanol from [A]+),[B]+(TMS-oxymethylene carboxylic acid ester resulting from C3-C4 cleavage),[B-29]+(loss of CHO from [B]+)
[Spectrum 0003](Ref. 0001/0004/0005)

Thin-layer chromatogram of mycolic acid methyl esters,Chromatogram was developed with a solvent of n-hexane-diethyl ether(4:1, v/v) and visualized with charring after being sprayed with 50% H2SO4
[Chromatograms 0001/0004]
Mycobacterium vaccae(VA-1) (Ref. 0004/0005)
Mycobacterium rhodesiae(RHO-1) (Ref. 0001/0004/0005)
Mycobacterium phlei(Ref. 0005)Mycobacterium marinum(Ref. 0005)
Mycobacterium gordonae(Ref. 0005)
Mycobacterium aurum(Ref. 0004/0005)
Mycobacterium kansasii (Lab.) (Ref. 0001/0005)

[Table 0001]
[Table 0002]



DiD mycolic acids were existed in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.(Ref. 0011)
a-unit, C24:0,C26:0; carbon chain length, L=17,18,19, M=10, N=15,17,19,21(Ref. 0016)
a-unit, C26:0; carbon chain length C84(Ref. 0005)
DiD mycolic acids were existed in Mycobacterium microti.
a-unit, C26:0; carbon chain length, L+M+N=42,44,46,48,50,52(Ref. 0008)
DiD mycolic acids (C80H156O3) were existed in Mycobacterium kansaii.(Ref. 0017)
DiD mycolic acids were existed in Mycobacterium diernhoferi.
a-unit, C22:0; carbon chain length C70(Ref. 0001), C71(Ref. 0004)
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