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DATA No : VCA0009 INFORMANT : Masayoshi Ito

NAME : (6'R)-b,e-Carotene

COMMON NAME: a-Carotene/ b,e-Carotene
FORMULA: C40H56 MOL.WT (average) : 536.873

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Singlet oxygen quenching activity (Ref. 0088)
Anti-tumor activity (Ref. 0098/0217/0229)
Antioxidant activity (Ref. 0092/0093)
Preventive action against carcinogenesis (Ref. 0236)
a-Carotene was more potent than b-carotene in suppressing tumorigenesis in skin and lung of mouse (Ref. 1204). The antitumorigenic activity of a-carotene was stronger than that of b-carotene, while both a- and b-carotene inhibited the tumorigenesis in skin, lung, liver and colon in mice (Ref. 1208). a-Carotene reduced the expression of N-myc gene and induced G0/G1 arrest in GOTO cells, and showed more potent inhibitory activity than b-carotene in skin carcinogenesis (Ref. 1209). The moderate dose of a- and b-carotenes and lycopene enhanced gap-junctional intercellular communication (Ref. 1210). Palm carotene and b-carotene inhibited pancreatic carcinogenesis in hamsters, but a-carotene showed no effects (Ref. 1212).
MELTING POINT:160-162degC (racemate) (Ref. 0082)
178degC (optical active) (Ref. 0083)



OPTICAL ROTATION:(6'S): [a]64318 = -400 (benzene) (Ref. 0083)
(6'S): [a]d-22 = -556 (benzene) (Ref. 0084)
(6'R): [a]64318 = +385 (benzene) (Ref. 0083)


UV SPECTRA:lmax (nm): petro 420, 444, 473 (Ref. 0058/0079); methanol 335, 422 (shoulder), 442, 471, %III/II=61.2
[Spectrum 1106] (Ref. 1052); acetonitrile/methanol/THF (58:35:7) 272, 334, 426 (shoulder), 448, 476, %III/II=58
[Spectrum 1002] (Ref. 1057)

IR SPECTRA:KBr disc or pellet:
[Spectrum 0015] (Ref. 0065)

NMR SPECTRA:1H-NMR d(400 MHz, CDCl3): 0.82 and 0.90 (each 3H, s, 1'-gem-Me), 1.03 (6H, s, 1-gem-Me), 1.58 (3H, br s, 5'-Me), 1.72 (3H, s, 5-Me), 1.91 (3H, s, 9'-Me), 1.96 and 1.97 (9H, s, 9-, 13-, 13'-Me), 2.18 (1H, d, J 9, 6'-H), 5.41 (1H, m, 4'-H), 5.52 (1H, dd, J 15.5, 9, 7'-H), 6.14 (2H, s, 7-, 8-H), 6.08-6.68 (ca. 11H, m, conj. olefinic). (Ref. 0079)

MASS SPECTRA:m/z: 536 (M, 53%), 480 (M-56, 2%), 444 (M-92, 12%), 430 (M-106, 2%) (Ref. 0058/0079)

OTHER SPECTRA:CD in EPA solution: De 238 (4.2), 266 (4.0), 298 (0.4), 330 (1.1), 362 (0.1) and 400 (2.0) (Ref. 0079)
TLC (silica gel-G-Ca(OH)2-MgO-CaSO4 (10:4:3:1), petrol-acetone 97:3) Rf = 0.84 (Ref. 0079)
HPLC (column: Vydac 218TP54, acetonitrile-methanol-tetrahydrofuran 40:56:4, flow: 1 ml/min) tR = ca. 10 min
[Chromatogram 0003] (Ref. 0067)
A reversed-phase HPLC procedure for quantitative measurement in serum of seven carotenoids (lutein, zeaxanthin, canthaxanthin, b-cryptoxanthin, lycopenes, a-c arotene and b-carotene) has been developed. (Ref. 0227)
Retinol, a-tocoherol, lutein, all-trans-lycopene, and a- and b-carotenes were determined in human plasma by reversed-phase HPLC. (Ref. 0228)
HPLC (column; Novapak C18 (Waters) 8 X 100 mm: eluelnt; acetonitrile/methanol/THF 58:35:7: flow 2.0 ml/min) Rt=17.7 min (Ref. 1057)
Nemalion helminthoides, Bonnemaisonia hamifera, Rhodymenia palmata, Ceramium rubrum (red algae) (Ref. 0058)
carrot, palm (higher plants) (Ref. 0236)
Wittig reaction of dehydro-b-apo-12'-carotenal (C25) with a-ionylideneethyl-triphenylphosphonium chroride (C15) using NaOMe as base provided 15,15'-dehydro-a-carotene, which was transformed by partial reduction and isomerization to racemic a-carotene. (Ref. 0082)
The enantiomerically pure a-ionone obtained via resolution of racemic (2,6,6-trimethylcyclohex-2-enyl)prop-2-enoic acid was reacted with vinyl magnesium chloride to give the C15-alcohol. This was converted into the phosphonium salt and then condensed with b-apo-12'-carotenel (C25) using NaOMe as base to give naturally occuring (6'R)-a-carotene in 45% referred to (6'R)-a-ionone. (6'S)-a-carotene has been synthesized in an analogous way. (Ref. 0019)
By use of enantiomeric (S)- and (R)-a-ionones obtained by resolution of the racemate via the methylhydrazones, (6'S)- and (6'R)-a-ionones was synthesized for the first time. (Ref. 0019/0083)

[Table 1027]
In Arabidopsis, lycopene is at first cyclized to d-carotene by lycopene e-cyclase, and then to a-carotene by lycopene b-cyclase (Ref. 1015). CrtL-e from the marine cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus marinus MED4 has bifunctional activety (lycopene e- and b-cyclases), and poduces a-carotene (Ref. 1242).
Biotechnological achievement has recently been made in relations with the supply of a-carotene, by Calgene LLC, i. e., a transgenic canola (Brassica napus), which accumulates a great amount of a-carotene as well as b-carotene in seeds, has been constructed by over-expressing the Erwinia phytoene synthase gene crtB (Ref. 1016).
Gel filtration of carrot root chromoplasts yields one major carotenoprotein, in which one unit contains one a-carotene and two b-carotene in 54-kDa peptide (Ref. 1272).
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