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Lipid (脂質)

Class Overview

Biogenic substances that are insoluble to water are collectively called lipid. Lipid is generally classified into the following three types.

  • Simple lipid ... fatty acid esters of alchohol such as glycerol and sphingoid base.
  • Complex lipid ... glycosylated or phosphorylated simple lipid.
  • Derived lipid ... alcohols and fatty acids derived by hydrolyzing simple lipid. Also includes sterols and polyketides.


  • 単純脂質 ... アルコールと脂肪酸のエステルで、スフィンゴ骨格とグリセロ骨格のものに大別されます。
  • 複合脂質 ... 単純脂質にリン酸や糖がついたものです。
  • 誘導脂質 ... 単純脂質を分解して得られるアルコール、脂肪酸。ステロールやポリケチドもここに含めます。


Lipid Overview
Sphigolipid スフィンゴ脂質/small>
  • sphingoid base
  • ceramide
  • glycosphingolipid
  • phosphosphingolipid
Glycerolipid グリセロ脂質/small>
  • mono, di, triacyl glycerol
  • glycoglycerolipid
  • phosphoglycerolipid
Fat acyl 脂肪酸アシル/small>
Sterols Polyketides Prenols



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