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Branched-chain fatty acids (FAs) are commonly found in many organisms from bacteria to human. In human, over 70 mono- and dimethyl branched acids are found in normal Vernix caseosa [1], 18-methyleicosanoic acid in disease hair [2], methylated odd-chain fatty acid (C17) in disease brain [3], branched or odd-chain FAs in disease blood[4].

Some branched FAs are known to have specific essential roles.

  • 17Ciso for protein biosynthesis [5]
  • 21Canteiso for hydrophobicity of hair fiber[6]
  • C15iso for anticancer [7]
  • C15iso and C17iso for C. elegans development [8]

Iso and anteiso configuration

Monomethyl branched-chain FAs with a single methyl group attached next to the terminal carbon is called as iso configuration. If a single methyl group is attached to second-next to the terminal carbon, it is called anteiso configuration. Both configurations are prevalent in bacteria, especially thermophilic and cold-tolerant species [9][10][11].

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List of branched chain fatty acids

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