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9,12,13-Trihydroxy-10-octadecenoic acid
Structural Information
Systematic Name 9,12,13-Trihydroxy-10-octadecenoic acid
Common Name
  • 9,12,13-Trihydroxy-10-octadecenoic acid
Formula C18H34O5
Exact Mass 330.240624198
Average Mass 330.45956
Physicochemical Information
Melting Point
Boiling Point
Optical Rotation
Refractive Index
Source Reaction products between hydroperoxylinoleate and soy bean lipoxygenase Streckert_G et al. or potato extracts Galliard_T et al.. Major reactive products between 13-hydroperoxylinoleate and hemathin Dix_TA et al.. Oxidative products of 13-hydroperoxylinoleate Gardner_HW et al.. A degradation product of 13-hydroperoxylinoleate in the presence of Fe(III)-cystein Gardner_HW et al..
Chemical Synthesis
Biological Activity It showed a toxicity corresponding to linoleate monohydroxyperoxide Fujimoto_K .
Genetic Information
Spectral Information
Mass Spectra GC-EI-MS(after methanolysis and trimethylsilylation) StreckertGet al. Neff_WE et al. SchieberlePet al. Gardner_HW et al. Graveland_A_ GalliardTet al. Frankel_EN et al.: m/e=545[M-CH3], 529[M-OCH3], 460[rearrangment peak], 259[SMTO=CH-(CH2)7COOCH3], 173[SMTO=CH-(CH2)4CH3], 387[M-173], 301[M-259], 298[M-HOTMS], GC-EI-MS(after methanolysis, trimethylsilylation and isopropylidene treatment), GC-EI-MS(after methanolysis, hydrogenation and trimethylsilylation)
UV Spectra
IR Spectra Methyl ester: olefinic trans unsaturation(990-965 cm-1), free OH(3620-3595 cm-1), bonded OH(3640-3160cm-1) StreckertGet al. Neff_WE et al. SchieberlePet al. Graveland_A_ Sessa_DJ et al.
NMR Spectra 1H-NMR(methyl ester) Neff_WE et al. Gardner_HW et al. Graveland_A_ :olefinic protons(5.74-5.86ppm), C9, 12(3.7-4.2ppm), C13(3.2-3.77ppm), OH(3.6ppm)
Other Spectra ODR analysis Gardner_HW et al.
Reported Metabolites, References
Biospecies ID Compound Name Reference Comment
n.a. LBF18108HO04 See above. Dix_TA et al. 1983
n.a. LBF18108HO04 See above. Frankel_EN et al. 1977
n.a. LBF18108HO04 See above. Fujimoto_K 1986
n.a. LBF18108HO04 See above. Galliard_T et al. 1975
n.a. LBF18108HO04 See above. Gardner_HW et al. 1984
n.a. LBF18108HO04 See above. Graveland_A_ 1970
n.a. LBF18108HO04 See above. Neff_WE et al. 1978
n.a. LBF18108HO04 See above. Schieberle_P et al. 1979
n.a. LBF18108HO04 See above. Streckert_G et al. 1975

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