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Long chain alcohol

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3,6,8-dodecatrien-1-ol DLL0001Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami C12H20O 180.287Download ChemDraw structure dataThis compound induce trail-following behavior in the subterranean termite << Ref. 0001>> << Ref. 0001>> Trail-following pheromon of subterranean termites << Ref.0001 >> AUTHOR: Eya,B.,K.,Otsuka,T.,Kubo,I., and Wood,D. TITLE: Syntheses and NMR Analyses of the Eight Geometric Isomers of 3,6,8-Dodecatrien-1-ol, Subterranean Termite Trail Pheromone JOURNAL: Tetrahedron VOLUME: 46 PAGE: 2695 -2706 (1990)
Ceryl alcohol 1-hexacosanol DLL0002Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami C26H56O2 400.722Download ChemDraw structure dataPromotion of the maturation of central neurons (neulite outgrowth)<< Ref. 0002>> An inhibitory effect on insulin secretion stimulated by glucose in rats<< Ref. 0003>> 80<< Ref. 0003>> Chinese insect wax and many other waxes.<< Ref. 0004>> << Ref.0002 >> AUTHOR: Borg, J., Toazara, J., Hietter, H., Henry, M., Schmitt, G., and Luu, B. TITLE: Neurotrophic effect of naturally occurring long-chain fatty alcohols on cultured CNS neurons PubMed ID:3556588 JOURNAL: FEBS Lett. VOLUME: 213 PAGE: 406-410(1987)
<< Ref.0003 >> AUTHOR: Damge, C., Hillaire-Buys, D., Koenig, M., Gross, R., Hoeltzel, A., Chapal, J., Balboni, G., Borg, J., and Ribes, G. TITLE: Effect of n-hexacosanol on insulin secretion in the rat PubMed ID:7768265 JOURNAL: Eur J Pharmacol. VOLUME: 274 PAGE: 133-139(1995)
<< Ref.0004 >> AUTHOR: Chibnall,A.,C.,Piper,S.,H.,Pollard,A.,Williams,E.,F.,and Sahai,P.,N. TITLE: The Constitution of the Primary Alchohol, Fatty Acids and Parffins Present in Plant and Inset Waxes JOURNAL: Biochemical Journal VOLUME: 28 PAGE: 2189 -2208 (1934)
Montanyl alcohol 1-octacosanol DLL0003Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami C28H58O 410.760Download ChemDraw structure dataDepress the serum triglycerol level and enhance the concentration of serum fatty acids The addition of octacosanol (10 g/kg diet) to the high-fat diet led to a significant reduction (p < 0.05) in the perirenal adipose tissue weight << Ref. 0008>> 82.6-82.9degC << Ref. 0005>><< Ref. 0007>> << Ref. 0006>> X-lay << Ref. 0005>> Wheat wax << Ref. 0005>> Cassia javanica Linn. (Leguminosae) << Ref. 0007>> Hypericum perforatum L. << Ref. 0006>> << Ref.0005 >> AUTHOR: Pollard,A.,Chibnall,A.,C., and Piper,S.,H. TITLE: The Isolation of n-Octacosanol from Wheat Wax JOURNAL: Biochemical Journal VOLUME: 27 PAGE: 1889 -1893 (1933)
<< Ref.0006 >> AUTHOR: Mathis,C., and Ourisson,G. TITLE: Etude Chimo-taxonomique du Genre Hypericum-V Identification de Quelques Constituants non Volatils D'hypericum Perforatum JOURNAL: Phytochemistry VOLUME: 3 PAGE: 379 -379 (1964)
<< Ref.0007 >> AUTHOR: Joshi, K. C., Tholia, M. K., and Sharma, T. TITLE: Chemical examination of Cassia javanica PubMed ID:1197426 JOURNAL: Planta Med. VOLUME: 28 PAGE: 190-192(1975)
<< Ref.0008 >> AUTHOR: Kato, S., Karino, K., Hasegawa, S., Nagasawa, J., Nagasaki, A., Eguchi, M., Ichinose, T., Tago, K., Okumori, H., Hamatani, K., et al. TITLE: Octacosanol affects lipid metabolism in rats fed on a high-fat diet PubMed ID:7766566 JOURNAL: Br J Nutr. VOLUME: 73 PAGE: 433-441(1995)
plaunotol 7-hydroxymethyl-3,11,15-trimethyl-2,6,10,14-hexadecatetraen-1-ol DLL0004Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami C20H34O2 306.483Download ChemDraw structure dataAntipeptic ulcer substance<< Ref. 0009>> << Ref. 0010>><< Ref. 0011>>,<< Ref. 0012>> << Ref. 0009>> << Ref. 0009>> <<0009> << Ref. 0009>> Croton sublyratus Kurz<< Ref. 0009>> << Ref. 0009>> The hydroxyl group at 1-position of plaunotol is oxidized to carboxyl group (1-carboxylic plaunotol), and then methyl group at 16-position is oxidized by w-oxidation enzymes to dicarboxylic acid. << Ref. 0035>> The conjugated plaunotol or 1-carboxylic plaunotol is excreted into bile. << Ref. 0035>> << Ref.0009 >> AUTHOR: Ogiso,A.,Kitazawa,E.,Kurabayashi,M.,Sato,A.,Takahashi,S.,Noguchi,H.,Kuwano,H.,Kobayashi,S., and Mishima,H. TITLE: Isolation and Structure of Antipeptic Ulcer Diterpene from Thai Medicinal Plant. PubMed ID:729109 JOURNAL: Chem.Pharm.Bull. VOLUME: 26 PAGE: 3117 -3123 (1978)
<< Ref.0010 >> AUTHOR: Oda, T., Ushiyama, S., Matsuda, K., and Iijima, Y. TITLE: Effect of an anti-ulcer drug, plaunotol, and its metabolites on NAD+ dependent 15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase from gastric mucosa PubMed ID:3193851 JOURNAL: Life Sci. VOLUME: 43 PAGE: 1647-1652(1988)
<< Ref.0011 >> AUTHOR: Ushiyama, S., Matsuda, K., Asai, F., and Yamazaki, M. TITLE: Stimulation of prostaglandin production by (2E,6Z,10E)-7-hydroxymethyl-3,11,15-trimethyl-2,6,10,14-++ +hexadecatetrae n-1-ol (plaunotol), a new anti-ulcer drug, in vitro and in vivo PubMed ID:3101705 JOURNAL: Biochem Pharmacol. VOLUME: 36 PAGE: 369-375(1987)
<< Ref.0012 >> AUTHOR: Kobayashi,S.,Ishibashi,C.,Morita,A.,Matsuda,H., and Ogiso,A. TITLE: Anti-ulcer Activation of (E, Z, E)-7-Hydroxymethyl-3, 11, 15-trimethyl-2, 6, 10, 14-hexadecatraen-1-ol (CS-684), a New Acyclic Diterpene Alcohol from a Thai Medicial plant, on Experimental Aucte Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers JOURNAL: Ouyouyakuri VOLUME: 244 PAGE: 599 -607 (1982)
<< Ref.0035 >> AUTHOR: Komai,T.,Ikeda,T.,Kawai,K.,Hannda,T.,and Tanaka,M. TITLE: Absorption, Distribution,Excretion and Metabolism of Plaunotol in Rat and Dog JOURNAL: Prog.Med VOLUME: 5 PAGE: 849 -862 (1985)
falcarindiol 1,9-heptadecadien-4,6-diyn-3,8-diol DLL0005Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami C17H24O2 260.371Download ChemDraw structure dataAntifungal activity << Ref. 0015>><< Ref. 0016>><< Ref. 0018>> << Ref. 0017>> << Ref. 0015>><< Ref. 0017>><< Ref. 0019>> << Ref. 0015>><< Ref. 0017>> << Ref. 0015>> TLC<< Ref. 0018>> Apium graveolens L.<< Ref. 0013>> Root of Peucedanum oreoselinum << Ref. 0014>> Carrot root << Ref. 0016>><< Ref. 0017>> G. littoralis << Ref. 0015>> Elder (Aegopodium podagraria L.) << Ref. 0018>> << Ref. 0019>><< Ref. 0020>> << Ref.0013 >> AUTHOR: Bohlmann,F. TITLE: Notizuber die Inhaltsstoffe von Petersilie- und Sellerie- Wurzeln JOURNAL: Chem.Ber. VOLUME: 100 PAGE: 3454 -3456 (1967)
<< Ref.0014 >> AUTHOR: Lemmich,L. TITLE: The Absolute Configuration of the Acetylenic Compound Falcarindiol JOURNAL: Phytochemistry VOLUME: 206 PAGE: 1419 -1420 (1981)
<< Ref.0015 >> AUTHOR: Satoh, A., Narita, Y., Endo, N., and Nishimura, H. TITLE: Potent allelochemical falcalindiol from Glehnia littoralis F. Schm PubMed ID:8824837 JOURNAL: Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. VOLUME: 60 PAGE: 152-153(1996)
<< Ref.0016 >> AUTHOR: Garrod,B.,Lewis,B.G.,and Coxon,D.T. TITLE: Cis-heptadeca-1,9-diene-4,6-diyne-3,8-diol, an Antifungal Polyacetylene from Carrot Root Tissue JOURNAL: Physiological Plant Pathology VOLUME: 13 PAGE: 241 -246 (1978)
<< Ref.0017 >> AUTHOR: Bentley,R.K.,Bhattacharjee,D.,Jones,R.H.,and Thaller,V. TITLE: C17-Polyacetylenic Alcohols from the Umbellifer Daucus carota L. (carrot): Alkylation of Benzene by Acetylenyl(vinyl)carbinols in the Toluene-p-sulphonic Acid JOURNAL: J.Chem.Soc. VOLUME: PAGE: 685 -684 (1969)
<< Ref.0018 >> AUTHOR: Kemp,M.S. TITLE: Falcarindiol: an Antifungal Polyaceylene from Aegopodium Podagraria JOURNAL: Phytochemistry VOLUME: 17 PAGE: 1002 -1002 (1978)
<< Ref.0019 >> AUTHOR: Bohlmann,F.and Bornowski,H. TITLE: Synthesen eines Polyins aus Tanacetum vulgure L. und des Falcarinidions JOURNAL: Chem.Ber. VOLUME: 94 PAGE: 3189 -3192 (1961)
<< Ref.0020 >> AUTHOR: Bohlmann,F.and Zdero,C. TITLE: Ein neues Polyin aus Centella-Arten JOURNAL: Chem.Ber. VOLUME: 108 PAGE: 511 -514 (1975)
Melissyl alcohol, Myricyl alcohol 1-triacontanol DLL0006Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami C30H62O 438.813Download ChemDraw structure dataPlant growth stimulant << Ref. 0023>> Stimulation of ATPase activity in barley (Hardeum valgare) root plasma membrane << Ref. 0024>> << Ref. 0025>> Decrease in the number of thymus cell of mice by intraperitoneally injection 86.5degC<< Ref. 0021>> << Ref. 0023>> GLC<< Ref. 0022>> Alfalfa(Medicago sativa L.) << Ref. 0021>> << Ref.0021 >> AUTHOR: Robinson,G.M. TITLE: A Synthesis of Certain Higher Aliphatic Compounds.Part IV.Synthesis of n-Triacontanoic Acid from Stearic Acid. JOURNAL: J.Chem.Soc. VOLUME: PAGE: 1543 -1545 (1934)
<< Ref.0022 >> AUTHOR: Razafindrazaka,J.and Metzger,J. TITLE: La cire de sisal de Madafascar.-II. Etude quantitative des constituants par chromatographie en phase gazeuse, JOURNAL: Bull.Soc.Chim.Fr. VOLUME: PAGE: 1633 -1637 (1963)
<< Ref.0023 >> AUTHOR: Washington,D.C. TITLE: Triacontanol: A New Naturally Occurring Plant Growth Regulator JOURNAL: Science VOLUME: 195 PAGE: 1339 -1341 (1977)
<< Ref.0024 >> AUTHOR: Lesniak,P.,Hung,A.,and Ries,S.K. TITLE: Stimulation of ATPase Activity in Barley (Hordeum Vulgar) Root Plasma Membrane After Treatment of Intact Tissues and Cell Free Extracts with Triacontanol JOURNAL: Physiol.Plant. VOLUME: 68 PAGE: 20 -26 (1986)
<< Ref.0025 >> AUTHOR: Lesniak,A.P.,Haug,A.and Rie,S.K. TITLE: Stimulation of ATPase Activity in Barley (Hordeum Vulgar) Root Plasma Membrane After Treatment with Triacontanol and Calmodulin JOURNAL: Physiologia Plantarum VOLUME: 75 PAGE: 75 -80 (1989)
Bombykol 10,12-hexadecadien-1-ol,(10E,12Z)-form DLL0007Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami C16H30O 238.409Download ChemDraw structure dataSex pheromone of the silk worm moth,Bombyx mori. B.P.0.005130-133degC<< Ref. 0028>> B.P.0.005115-130degC<< Ref. 0029>> [n]d-20=1.4835<< Ref. 0028>> << Ref. 0027>><< Ref. 0028>> << Ref. 0030>> << Ref. 0029>><< Ref. 0030>> << Ref. 0030>> Sex pheromone of the silk worm moth << Ref. 0031>><< Ref. 0032>><< Ref. 0033>><< Ref. 0034>> << Ref. 0027>><< Ref. 0028>><< Ref. 0030>> << Ref.0027 >> AUTHOR: Wiberg,E. TITLE: Synthese des Bombykols,des Sexual-Lockstoffes des Seidenspinners,und seiner geometrischen Isomeren JOURNAL: Angew.Chem. VOLUME: 73 PAGE: 349 -353 (1961)
<< Ref.0028 >> AUTHOR: Truscheit,E. and Eiter,K. TITLE: Synthese der vier Isomeren Hexadecadien-(10.12)-ole-(1) JOURNAL: Liebigs Ann.Chem.Bd. VOLUME: 658 PAGE: 65 -90 (1962)
<< Ref.0029 >> AUTHOR: Normant,J.F.,Commercon,A. and Villieras,J. TITLE: Synthese D'enynes et de Dienes Conjugues a L'aide D'organocuivreux Vinyliques. Application a la Synthese du Bombykol. JOURNAL: Tetrahedron Letters VOLUME: 18 PAGE: 1465 -1468 (1975)
<< Ref.0030 >> AUTHOR: Bestmann,H.J.,Sub and Vostrowsky,O. TITLE: Synthese Konjugiert-ungesattigter Lepidopterenpheromone und Analoga JOURNAL: Liebigs Ann.Chem. VOLUME: PAGE: 2117 -2138 (1981)
<< Ref.0031 >> AUTHOR: Ando,T.,Arima,R.,Uchiyama,M.,Nagasawa,H.,Inoue,T. and Suzuki,A. TITLE: Pheromone Biosynthesis Activating Neuropeptide Hormone in Heads of the Silkworm Moth JOURNAL: Agric.Biol.Chem. VOLUME: 523 PAGE: 881 -883 (1988)
<< Ref.0032 >> AUTHOR: Ando,T.,Hase,T.,Funayoshi,A.,Arima,R. and Uchiyama,M. TITLE: Sex Pheromone Biosynthesis from 14C-Hexadecanoic Acid in the Silkworm Moth JOURNAL: Agric.Biol.Chem. VOLUME: 521 PAGE: 141 -147 (1988)
<< Ref.0033 >> AUTHOR: Ando,T.,Hase,T.,Arima,R. and Uchiyama,M. TITLE: Biosynthetic Pathway of Bombykol, the Sex Pheromone of the Female Silkworm Moth JOURNAL: Agric.Biol.Chem. VOLUME: 52 PAGE: 473 -478 (1988)
<< Ref.0034 >> AUTHOR: Matsumoto, S., Ozawa, R., Uchiumi, K., and Kurihara, M. TITLE: Cell-free production of the silkworm sex pheromone bombykol PubMed ID:9063992 JOURNAL: Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. VOLUME: 60 PAGE: 369-373(1996)
Behenyl alcohol 1-docosanol DLL0008Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami C22H46O 326.600Download ChemDraw structure dataThis compound exerts a substantial inhibitory effect on replication of certain viruses. << Ref. 0074>><< Ref. 0075>><< Ref. 0076>><< Ref. 0077>><< Ref. 0078>> Mp 70.8degC<< Ref. 0061>> Mp 80degC<< Ref. 0073>> << Ref. 0073>> << Ref. 0061>> << Ref.0061 >> AUTHOR: F.,Francis,F.,J.,E.,CoLLins,S.,H.,Piper TITLE: The n-Fatty Acids and Certain of their Derivatives JOURNAL: Proc.R.Soc.London.A VOLUME: 158 PAGE: 691 -718 (1937)
<< Ref.0073 >> AUTHOR: Joseph,Kalish TITLE: 62-ESSENTIAL OILS AND COSMETICS (108163g) JOURNAL: CA VOLUME: 66 PAGE: 10123 -10123 (1967)
<< Ref.0074 >> AUTHOR: Katz, D. H., Marcelletti, J. F., Khalil, M. H., Pope, L. E., and Katz, L. R. TITLE: Antiviral activity of 1-docosanol, an inhibitor of lipid-enveloped viruses including herpes simplex PubMed ID:1660151 JOURNAL: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. VOLUME: 88 PAGE: 10825-10829(1991)
<< Ref.0075 >> AUTHOR: Katz, D. H., Marcelletti, J. F., Pope, L. E., Khalil, M. H., Katz, L. R., and McFadden, R. TITLE: n-docosanol: broad spectrum anti-viral activity against lipid-enveloped viruses PubMed ID:8030975 JOURNAL: Ann N Y Acad Sci. VOLUME: 724 PAGE: 472-488(1994)
<< Ref.0076 >> AUTHOR: Pope, L. E., Marcelletti, J. F., Katz, L. R., and Katz, D. H. TITLE: Anti-herpes simplex virus activity of n-docosanol correlates with intracellular metabolic conversion of the drug PubMed ID:8906594 JOURNAL: J Lipid Res. VOLUME: 37 PAGE: 2167-2178(1996)
<< Ref.0077 >> AUTHOR: Marcelletti, J. F., Lusso, P., and Katz, D. H. TITLE: n-Docosanol inhibits in vitro replication of HIV and other retroviruses PubMed ID:8825621 JOURNAL: AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. VOLUME: 12 PAGE: 71-74(1996)
<< Ref.0078 >> AUTHOR: Habbema, L., De Boulle, K., Roders, G. A., and Katz, D. H. TITLE: n-Docosanol 10% cream in the treatment of recurrent herpes labialis: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study PubMed ID:8982417 JOURNAL: Acta Derm Venereol. VOLUME: 76 PAGE: 479-481(1996)
14-methyl-1-hexadecanol DLL0009Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami C17H36O 256.467Download ChemDraw structure dataThis compound markedly prolonged the life-span of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma or S180 fibrosarcoma implanted mice without acute toxic side-effects.<< Ref. 0077>> Sheep cutaneous wax << Ref.0077 >> AUTHOR: Marcelletti, J. F., Lusso, P., and Katz, D. H. TITLE: n-Docosanol inhibits in vitro replication of HIV and other retroviruses PubMed ID:8825621 JOURNAL: AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. VOLUME: 12 PAGE: 71-74(1996)
14-methyl-1-pentadecanol DLL0010Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami C16H34O 242.441Download ChemDraw structure dataThis compound markedly prolonged the life-span of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma or S180 fibrosarcoma implanted mice without acute toxic side-effects.<< Ref. 0077>> << Ref. 0077>> << Ref. 0077>> Sheep cutaneous wax << Ref.0077 >> AUTHOR: Marcelletti, J. F., Lusso, P., and Katz, D. H. TITLE: n-Docosanol inhibits in vitro replication of HIV and other retroviruses PubMed ID:8825621 JOURNAL: AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. VOLUME: 12 PAGE: 71-74(1996)
persin (Z,Z)-1-(acetoxy)-2-hydroxy-12,15-heneicosadien-4-one DLL0011Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami C23H40O4 380.561Download ChemDraw structure dataThis compound causes necrosis of the acinar epithelium of the lacting mammary gland and the myocardium.<< Ref. 0051>> This compound is shown to be antifungal for unripe avocado fruits.<< Ref. 0081>> << Ref. 0051>><< Ref. 0080>> << Ref. 0051>> << Ref. 0051>><< Ref. 0080>> << Ref. 0051>><< Ref. 0080>> << Ref. 0051>><< Ref. 0080>> This compound was isolated from avocado leaves.<< Ref. 0051>> << Ref. 0051>> << Ref.0051 >> AUTHOR: Peter,B.,Oelrichs,Jack,C.,Ng,Alan,A.,Seawright,Lothar,Schaffeler,John,K.Macleod TITLE: Isolation and Identification of a Compound From Avocado (Persea americana )Leaves Which Causes Necrosis of the Acinar Epithelium of the Lacting Mammary Gland and the Myocardium JOURNAL: NATURAL TOXINS VOLUME: 3 PAGE: 344 -349 (1995)
<< Ref.0080 >> AUTHOR: Chang,C.,F.,Isogai,A.,Kamikado,T.,Murakoshi,S.,Sakurai,A.,Tamura,S. TITLE: Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Growth Inhibitors for Silkworm Larvae from Avocado Leaves JOURNAL: Agr.Biol.Chem. VOLUME: 39 PAGE: 1167 -1168 (1975)
<< Ref.0081 >> AUTHOR: Prusky,D.,Keen,N.,T.,Sims,J.,J.,Midland,S.,L. TITLE: Possible Involvement of an Antifungal Diene in the Latency of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides on Unripe Avocado Fruits JOURNAL: PHYTOPATHOLOGY VOLUME: 72 PAGE: 1578 -1582 (1982)
vasculyne DLL0012Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami C43H74O2 623.046Download ChemDraw structure dataThis compound shows a cytotoxicity profile toward the melanoma and colon tumor cell-lines (NCI 60-cell antitumor screen) [a]D -24deg (c 0.25,CDCl3)<< Ref. 0054>> << Ref. 0054>> << Ref. 0054>> << Ref. 0054>> << Ref. 0054>> This compound was isolated from the Marine Sponge Cribrochalina vasculum .<< Ref. 0054>> << Ref.0054 >> AUTHOR: Dai, J. R., Hallock, Y. F., Cardellina, J. H., 2nd, and Boyd, M. R. TITLE: Vasculyne, a new cytotoxic acetylenic alcohol from the marine sponge Cribrochalina vasculum PubMed ID:8984159 JOURNAL: J Nat Prod. VOLUME: 59 PAGE: 88-89(1996)
depdecin (2R,3S,4S,5E,7S,8S,9R)-2,9-dihydroxy-3,4,7,8-diepoxy-undeca-5,10-diene DLL0013Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami C11H16O4 212.242Download ChemDraw structure data This compound exhibits anti-angiogenic activity in an in vivo assay system involving the chorioallantoic membrane of growing chick embryo.<< Ref. 0101>> This compound exhibits the growth-inhibitory activity against ras/srt NIH3T3 cells.<< Ref. 0102>> [a]d-24 -35.8deg (c 0.52,CH3OH) << Ref. 0102>> << Ref. 0102>> << Ref. 0102>> << Ref. 0102>> << Ref. 0102>> HOHAHA << Ref. 0102>> HMBC spectrum of HMQC << Ref. 0102>> TLC << Ref. 0102>> This compound was isolated from the fungus Alternaria brassicicola.<< Ref. 0102>> << Ref.0101 >> AUTHOR: Oikawa, T., Onozawa, C., Inose, M., and Sasaki, M. TITLE: Depudecin, a microbial metabolite containing two epoxide groups, exhibits anti-angiogenic activity in vivo PubMed ID:8845831 JOURNAL: Biol Pharm Bull. VOLUME: 18 PAGE: 1305-1307(1995)
<< Ref.0102 >> AUTHOR: Matsumoto, M., Matsutani, S., Sugita, K., Yoshida, H., Hayashi, F., Terui, Y., Nakai, H., Uotani, N., Kawamura, Y., Matsumoto, K., et al. TITLE: Depudecin: a novel compound inducing the flat phenotype of NIH3T3 cells doubly transformed by ras- and src-oncogene, produced by Alternaria brassicicola PubMed ID:1500354 JOURNAL: J Antibiot (Tokyo). VOLUME: 45 PAGE: 879-885(1992)
gummiferol 14-O-acetyl-8,9(E)-10,11(E)-diepoxy-12(E)-en-2,4,6-triyn-tetradecan-1-ol DLL0014Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami C16H14O5 286.279Download ChemDraw structure dataThis compound exhibits significant cytotoxic activity against the KB human cell line and broad cytotoxic spectrum against other human cancer cell lines [a]d-25 -170deg (c=0.2 MeOH) << Ref. 0055>> << Ref. 0055>> << Ref. 0055>> << Ref. 0055>> << Ref. 0055>> This compound was isolated from the leaves of Adenia gummifera. << Ref.0055 >> AUTHOR: Fullas, F., Brown, D. M., Wani, M. C., Wall, M. E., Chagwedera, T. E., Farnsworth, N. R., Pezzuto, J. M., and Kinghorn, A. D. TITLE: Gummiferol, a cytotoxic polyacetylene from the leaves of Adenia gummifera PubMed ID:8676132 JOURNAL: J Nat Prod. VOLUME: 58 PAGE: 1625-1628(1995)
10-propyl-5,9-tridecadienyl-1-ol DLL0015Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami 0.000Download ChemDraw structure dataThe acetate form of this compound is sexual pheromone secreted by the female of Pectinophora gossypiella saunders (pink bollworm moth ). << Ref. 0144>> 110-120deg/0.08mmHg << Ref. 0144>> 110-120deg/0.4mm<< Ref. 0146>> nd-25 1.4715<< Ref. 0144>><< Ref. 0146>> << Ref. 0144>> << Ref. 0144>><< Ref. 0146>> << Ref. 0144>><< Ref. 0146>> << Ref. 0144>> The acetate form of this compound was isolated from virgin female pink bellworm moth.<< Ref. 0144>> << Ref. 0144>><< Ref. 0145>><< Ref. 0146>> << Ref.0144 >> AUTHOR: William,A.,Jones,M.Jacobson,Dial,F.,Martin TITLE: Sex Attractant of the Pink Bollworm Moth: Isolation , Identification , and Synthesis. JOURNAL: SCIENCE VOLUME: 152 PAGE: 1516 -1517 (1966)
<< Ref.0145 >> AUTHOR: J.,Kossanyi,B.,Furth,J.,P.,Morizur TITLE: INSECT CHEMISTRY.APPLICATION OF THE NORRISH TYPE-I REACTION TO THE SYNTHESIS OF PROPYLURE,THE SEXUAL PHEROMONE OF Pectinophora gossypiella Saundere. JOURNAL: Tetrahedron Letters VOLUME: 36 PAGE: 3459 -3462 (1973)
<< Ref.0146 >> AUTHOR: G.Pattenden TITLE: A Synthesis of Propylure,Sex Attractant of the Pink Bollworm Moth. JOURNAL: Journal of Chem. Soc. VOLUME: PAGE: 2385 -2388 (1968)
13-tetradecen-2,4-diyn-1-ol DLL0016Long chain alcoholYasushi Kawakami C14H20O 204.308Download ChemDraw structure dataThis compound exhibited ichthyotoxicity and inhibits the growth of some bacteria and fungi.<< Ref. 0147>> << Ref. 0147>> << Ref. 0147>> << Ref. 0147>> << Ref. 0147>>